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The Daddy Book

From New York Times bestselling author Todd Parr, this book celebrates all different kinds of dads and highlights the many reasons they are so special—perfect for Father's Day and beyond!

With his colorful illustrations, playful humor, and inclusive storytelling, beloved author Todd Parr has long been a favorite among young readers and caregivers. His books promote an essential message of love and acceptance that is inspiring, empowering, and accessible.

Some daddies wear suits. 
Some daddies wear two different socks. 
All daddies want you to be who you are!

Whether your dad walks you to school or walks you to the bus, whether he has a lot of hair or a little, Todd Parr assures readers that every father is special in his own unique way. Perfect for young children just beginning to read, The Daddy Book celebrates diversity and the love between parent and child, and is the perfect book to read with Dad on Father's Day or any day!