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Blurple Neon Thermal Color Changing Nail Polish

In the bottle, it is a gorgeous purple polish. It has a unique base that is a COLOR CHANGING THERMAL polish. When your body is warm, it is a bright blue color and when your body is cold, it is a beautiful bright purple color with a gorgeous shimmer added for pizazz..... The color change depends on your actual body temperature at the time and the surrounding temperature. There is no glitter in this beauty, but it has a beautiful purplish/blue/gold SHIMMER throughout. It's so hard to capture the stunning shimmer in this polish through the photos. You can also wear this polish over a white base to get a gorgeous solid can still see an ombre effect of a color change but not as obvious as you would without the base color. During the changing of colors process, your nails will have this ombre effect on them. It is soooo amazing and cheerful on!!!!!! This polish has a smooth finish after applying a top coat. Happy Polishing!!! :0)

Information on Color Changing Thermal Polishes

Color Changing Polishes are affected by the temperature around you and/ or by your body temperature or the things you come in contact with.

If you have acrylics or regular nails, this process will work perfectly with thermal polishes. Color Changers work best if you have nails that have grown beyond the nail bed. These nail tips will show off the two-toned look beautifully. If your nails are short and don't have a tip you will STILL experience the colors changing but the two-toned effect will be less prominent depending on the length of your nail. If you have a tiny tiny will experience the two-toned look! YAY!!!!

When you are near air-conditioning, a fan, cold elements outside, a cold pool, warm pool, under warm water, at a restaurant and dip your nails in your water with ice (lol), just put your nails under running cold/hot water or just hold a cold will see the color changing happen right before your eyes!

Color Changing Polishes should NEVER be left outside in the sun or left outside period. This will weaken the ability for your polish to change colors properly...we try each batch of polish before it is sent out to make sure each one works properly.

For your best application, shake your polish before you use it, this will distribute the glitters properly. The bases of Color Changer polishes are thicker then usual glitter polishes due to the ingredients added to make it change colors. Please use ONLY nail polish thinner to thin out the base to your desired consistency if necessary. The thinner won't hurt the polish. Do not use nail polish remover to thin the polish will ruin your polish! During certain seasons, sometimes polishes get very cold during travel to your location...please let them sit out on the counter and get used to your room temperature for a day before use so they work properly.

This listing is for ONE FULL SIZE (0.5 oz. / 15ml) bottle. This is not a mini size bottle.
All of Polish Me Sillies polishes are custom- blended and they have loose cosmetic-grade glitters, micas and colorants. They are 5 free~~NO Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)~~NO Formaldehyde~~NO Toluene~~NO Camphor~~NO Formaldehyde Resin