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Mad Mattr Bakery Activity Set

The Mad Mattr Bakery is open for business! Create delicious-looking donuts, cupcakes, and cookies and add as much frosting as you like! The Mad Mattr Bakery is full of yummy looking treats made by you!



  • 2 - 10oz packs of Mad Mattr (1-red, 1-blue)

Four (4) colors of Mad Mattr to mix, shape, mold and play

  • 2 oz Pink, 2 oz Purple, 2 oz Orange, 2 oz Yellow 

Cut Safe Tool

Seven (7) Molds to create:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Mold
  • Sprinkle Cookie Mold
  • Sugar Cookie Mold
  • Round Cupcake Top
  • Pointed Cupcake Top
  • Cupcake Base
  • Donut Mold

Age Grade