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Cogworks Experimental Playset

Curious what you can do here?

Then have fun trying things out, combining them and letting your creativity run free.
This 121 piece offers your children a lot to discover and endless fun.
Is your child curious, would like to know everything and try out new things?
Then this experimental set is just what you need!

This set includes 6 gears, 7 cardboard backgrounds, 7 cardboard decorations, 100 colorful pushpins and a
lockable box with a wooden lid and other great accessories.
Use these pieces for either gear play or just to
express artistic creativity. Cardboard backgrounds include a steerable car,
a ticking clock, a fire-breathing dragon, a waving robot, a whirring submarine and a rocket launcher.

The different sized gears help kids
understand the basics of how gears work and help introduce them to ideas like power, speed, connectivity
and engineering. Ideal for developing problem solving skills
and perfect for inspiring imaginative and creative play.

Experimental toys offer a good opportunity to convey this understanding of connections.
In addition, experimenting has a positive effect on the areas of concentration,
perception and creativity. Fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination are also improved.

• Size: approx. 25 x 25 x 6cm
• Material: wood, cardboard, plastic